Three Special Facebook Live Soirees! 

Sit and relax with a glass of wine, and join me for
"Wine and Watercolors."

Each event will look at a different theme

of my watercolor paintings.

Where: Emily M. Stedman on Facebook

August 12, from 4 - 4:30 pm Eastern 


"I often create watercolor scenes of 

historic buildings and people from the past. 

Using old photographs as reference, 

visiting and painting on the spot, 

I design watercolors of situations that might have existed. 


When I come across certain historic buildings, 

I wonder who inhabited them. 

Is their presence still there in some way?

I explore the families, 

the kitchens where they sat, 

the ghosts, and the lives they lived long ago, 

before the internet, TV and cars were invented."

As a special bonus, 

I'll end by demonstrating a watercolor technique. 

And, in gratitude, 

I'll be sending each attendee a remembrance of the event!



TRAVELOGUE SKETCHES   Wednesday, August 19 

COLORFUL CULTURES   Wednesday, August 26   

4:00 pm. Eastern Time