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Artist Statement

Like rippling water in a shiny river, my watercolors spill and splash from paintbrush to stories on paper. I paint quickly, directly, and with the spontaneity that watercolor embraces. Each painting grows from the giddy mix of fantasy, realism, and a conviction that here is a person or place that strikes a universal note. Here is a situation, a gesture, a flower, a mood that will resonate across all barriers.


​​​I have no particular mechanical process or theory that underlies the finished image. What I have is constant curiosity and a lifelong need to filter the chaos and jumble of life through the lens of color, design and drawing. My sketchbooks are filled with sources for later exploration as I capture whatever floats past, snagging my imagination. Nothing is out of bounds. With my sketchbook and my eyes always open, scanning, seeking, weighing, and sifting, I travel wherever the work takes me. However, a wider story will always be the guide. That story might be in a momentary gesture of a nude, or in paths radiating out from an ancient village, or in the transient nature of an anticipating blossom. The story can also be about something never really experienced, only dreamed of.

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