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The Jewish Link

A review of the "The World in Watercolor" event heald at Gallery 18 during May 2016.

NY Times

Things to Do in Westchester, March 22 to 28, 2015


Westchester Magazine

Calendar--What to Do


Westchester Happening

We Can Build A Nest Here downtown Yonkers Public Art Mural by Emily Stedman


Hamlet Hub, November 5 , 2014

Local Yonkers Blog about Outdoor Mural


Artistic Techniques, October 19, 2014

Artistic Techniques Blog


Westchester County Waste Blog

Interesting take on my Yonkers Public Art mural!



CLICK HERE for Queens review of Relationships Undressed

CLICK HERE to view pictures from the show Relationships Undressed



Review of Relationships Undressed, by Josey Bartlett, QueensBoro Ed.


The opening of “Relationships Undressed” in Long Island City was quite the affair.


Dozens of art lovers escaped the deluge outside and filled the M55 Art gallery to gaze at artist Emily Stedman’s watercolor nudes and to not be caught looking at the unclothed waiters — one woman and one man.


A gaggle of women flipping through the artist’s bio folder blushed when they took an appetizer from the waiter’s tray — nude save for a top hat, shoes and a vest.

“We are liberated today,” gallery guest Dimitrios Rigos said as he surveyed the room... click here for more...


JANE'S GUIDE—NOVEMBER, 2011Emily Stedman - Watercolors

Emily Stedman is a watercolor artist who received her MFA from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She has exhibited her work throughout the country in both solo and group exhibitions, and creates traditional landscapes and extremely erotic nudes that feature women as equal and active partners in sexuality. She avoids the coy looks and sleeping figures that predominate traditional nudes, and instead has female subjects that look directly at the viewer or actively involve themselves in the physicality of sexuality and love. This site has work of both an erotic and non-erotic nature. If you are looking specifically for her nudes, you should check out the "Eros Revisited" and "People" sections. In addition to her work, she also has a current resume and a form for contact. I was disappointed that there wasn't any purchasing information on the site, but I suppose that you could get that information by contacting the artist. Lovely, sensual, and sex positive. - Vamp


Go Magazine--Eros Revisited At Madame X in Greenwich Village

Banned In The Bronx--Embraced In The Village

Although their content caused the paintings to be removed and banned from a gallery in the South Bronx, the Greenwich Village hotspot is unafraid of a little controversy, and will show the work from January 11th, 2011 to March 7th, 2011.



June 17, 2008 Erotic Art gallery show banned.


Work Of Art Labeled As Pornographic--6/18/2008 article

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