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"The way Stedman paints is just as organic as her subject matter. She doesn’t meticulously mix colors, but instead throws the paints onto the parchment and allows the colors to mix. For the dark skin of the male ... Stedman threw down yellow and purple and allowed the complementary colors to mingle and create brown.”

Josey Bartlett, 

Art Editor,

           Queens Chronicle

Storytelling, an integral part of my nudes, is a part of life, intrinsic to most cultures. Stories help people make sense of the world. While the nude transcends time, the telling of stories too is as basic to human beings as eating. Maybe more so, since while food allows us to live, stories are what make our lives worth living.


Watercolor on paper 24 in x 18 in 2014 Just like her mother and grandmother, she is hidden royalty. Draping the new silky scarf over her head, Linda knows that, with both feet planted solid and strong, she is the queen in this kingdom. She can love where fear picks at the edges. There are many who can’t and there is not a thing to do but keep loving, keep ruling with her gentle touch. Linda eases into each next day with her quiet certainty that all is as it should be no matter how it looks here