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Romancing Northampton—A Historical Perspective

Historic Northampton Museum, Northampton, MA — Feb 10-March 5, 2017

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These watercolor paintings are based on black and white archival photos from the museum’s collection. Through these images I create a world which is lively, optimistic and colorful. In my mind’s eye, the photos seem to be about a simpler time, of hope for and belief in America and the future. This seems wonderfully quaint and reassuring indeed!

For sure life in days-gone-by was not perfect, but it appeared, from these pictures, a gentler world. Children played with bow and arrows, young people took hay rides, and grandma sat in her room at night and knitted while kittens played with a ball of string. For a deep reassuring moment, this world is like inhaling something sweet. It seems to me that everyday life can be humdrum, often even absurd. Looking at an idealized past can lend me much-needed context,

Burnham Livery & Hack Stable
Our Tribe
Baby Takes A Stroll
Sunday Morning Outing
Guzzlers By The Gazebo
Boys Gathering the Hay
Summertime Hayride
The Archery Lesson
Outside the Rooming House
The Deliverymen

perspective, and direction. It reminds and reassures me that my life (and that of others) is rooted in a narrative, and that there have been—and will once again be—meaningful moments and experiences. In certain ways I am reminded that life for all of us does not really change, in spite of technology and instantaneous media. The imaginings of times gone by strengthens me and I hope it does so for others.


July 25 - August 5, 2016

The Bryant Park Corporation chose me to be the Painter in Residence at Bryant Park, New York City, for this exhibit. The purpose of the Painter in Residence program is to create a visual record of Bryant Park from a painter's perspective. I worked in watercolor on site and set up at different locations throughout the park. 


Usually you get to see and experience the results of a painting in a gallery or museum. The Painter in Residence program gave the public the opportunity to see me at work in the process of creating. This outdoor process, called "en plein air", or plein air painting, is a phrase borrowed from the French equivalent meaning "open (in full) air". It is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors, or what the eye actually sees, where a painter reproduces the actual visual conditions seen at the time of the painting. This method contrasts with studio painting or academic rules; those might create a predetermined look.  

It was not only an honor to be the Painter in Residence, but a pleasure to create watercolors for the Byrant Park Conservatory.


July 2016 at Gallery 18

Featured below is a July 2016 video created at The World in Watercolor art exhibit at Galllery 18 in Riverdale, New York City.  Emily's art, creative process, and where you can find her now are well documented in this piece; as captioned below:

Reporter: Tanisha Blanche “We are here at the Riverdale 'Y' for the Emily Stedman 'The World In Watercolor' art exhibition.”

Emily: “This is a watercolor show of, um, paintings that I have done all over the world. And they are done on the spot.  In places that have special certain significance.”

Tanisha: “Beautiful canvases of art line the walls of gallery 18.  From Ecuador to Italy, all of which have some sort of symbolic meaning.  Stedman, a New York City native, believes painting in watercolor on site allows her to work quickly in places not associated with art making.”

Emily: “It’s like so exciting the history making, you know I try to capture that.  The old buildings, the old cobblestone, you know.  The history of the ancient steps, people who would walk there maybe 1400.”

Lee Romaro, painter: “I happen to know the level of difficulty.  Doing watercolors is the most demanding media there is…um… medium.  And she is so expert and makes it look so easy.  There is no room for error you know, in watercolor.”

Tanisha: “If you are interested in seeing or purchasing some of Stedman’s work it can be found at Noho and 55 Gallery in New York city.  Reporting from the Riverdale section of the Bronx, I’m Tanisha Blanche, Bronxnet.”


July 9 - August 13, 2016

The paintings in my Watercolor Sketchbooks exhibition at Philipse Manor Hall, a New York State Historic site, were about capturing the emotional spirit of special locales through direct watercolor painting. Painting in watercolor directly on-site allows me to work quickly and in places not normally associated with making art. As a fluid, fresh medium, watercolor does justice to traveling and working in a constantly changing environment.

March 8 – Apirl 12, 2015

Donald Gallery in Dobbs Ferry, NY.
“A Place to Remember,” was held at the Donald Gallery in Dobbs Ferry, New York. It suggests the emotional state of being you feel when you have been affected by a special location you can’t forget, no matter how long ago you were there.


May 3rd & 4th, 2014


Jan 27 –Feb 14, 2015

Life Undressed opened at NOHO/M55 Gallery in New York City’s Chelsea art district on January 27, 2015. Each painting is accompanied by a mythical, romantic, or emotional story, designed to give the viewer an immediate emotional connection. This is the second exhibition in the Undressed project series. The first show, held at M55 Gallery located in Long Island City, was titled Relationships Undressed and featured couples in loving, romantic and erotic relationships. Below is a video of the event.


NYC Gallery Openings: NOHO/M55 Gallery
Aug. 5 – 9, 2014

Westchester Happening
Created at 4-8 Warburton Avenue in Yonkers, NY.
We Can Build A Nest Here downtown Yonkers Public Art Mural by Emily Stedman

Relationships Undressed—AUGUST 2012

The opening of “Relationships Undressed” in Long Island City was quite the affair.

Dozens of art lovers escaped the deluge outside and filled the M55 Art gallery to gaze at artist Emily Stedman’s watercolor nudes and to not be caught looking at the unclothed waiters — one woman and one man.
A gaggle of women flipping through the artist’s bio folder blushed when they took an appetizer from the waiter’s tray — nude save for a top hat, shoes and a vest.

“We are liberated today,” gallery guest Dimitrios Rigos said as he surveyed the room… click on photo below for more

April 22, 2011
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JANE’S GUIDE – a review
November 11, 2011

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Erotic Watercolors
January – March 2011

Madame X  studios  
Banned In The Bronx–Embraced In The Village Go Magazine reported, “Although their content caused the paintings to be removed and banned from a gallery in the South Bronx, the Greenwich Village hotspot is unafraid of a little controversy, and will show the work from January 11th, 2011 to March 7th, 2011.